"There is a need for solidarity movements among and with workers.
The church is firmly committed to this cause, in fidelity to Christ..."
- Laborem Exercens, St. John Paul II


Catholic Business Listings is an online directory of Catholic-owned businesses, schools, farms, and studios.

The purpose and mission of Catholic Business Listings is to promote the Catholic Social Doctrine of subsidiarity by providing users the option of easily and electronically engaging with those of common beliefs and values, thereby supporting those businesses and encouraging greater fellowship in the Catholic community.

As a member of Catholic Business Listings, your business, school, farm, or studio will benefit from social media marketing (SMM); Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and the inclusion of Catholic Business Listings in church bulletins, websites, and print & digital marketing across the country. Most importantly, other area Catholics - and especially fellow parishioners - will be able to find solutions to their needs by partnering with your business, strengthening community and building fellowship along the way!

Let Catholic Business Listings market your business alongside those of fellow Catholics, all for only $189 per year - that's just 52 cents a day. Register Your Business today!



Widen your market and increase your visibility to a like-minded clientele, both locally and online across the country.

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Attract new students from families who might be interested in moving to your area or who want to support Catholic education.

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Let your neighbors know what products you offer and open up a broader marketplace locally and online.

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Sell your crafts, works of art, photographic and video services, and offer lessons to those of shared values, locally and online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Catholic Business Listings is to promote the Catholic Social Doctrine of subsidiarity by providing users the option of engaging easily and electronically with local or remote, Catholic-owned businesses, thereby supporting those businesses, and encouraging greater fellowship among Catholics.

Think of Catholic Business Listings as your Search Engine Optimized, Social Media Marketed, Broad Coverage Marketing Blast to customers with shared values! The benefits include:

• Being a part of the nationwide visibility of a well-optimized, Google-compliant website

• Taking advantage of the Social Media buzz being cultivated in Catholic demographics across the country

• Being included by association in strategically placed, high-visibility bulletin, print, and digital ads nationwide

• By being a registered member of Catholic Business Listings, you no longer have to fight for top spot in Google searches. You will be easily found in the directory's search results!

By pooling resources and creating one marketing focus, we all benefit from the increased visibility within the Catholic community!

Catholic Business Listings does not take the place of back-of-bulletin advertisements, but rather serves as an interactive resource, allowing for convenient electronic communication between Catholic-owned businesses and customers.

There is no cost to the end-user or the parish for this service. An annual fee of $189 is charged to the business for inclusion in the directory. No other fees are charged.

The $189 fee is used for the following:

• Strategic back-of-bulletin, print, and digital advertisements (EWTN, National Catholic Register, etc.)
• Social media post boosts and advertisements
• Active phone, email, in-person marketing of the directory to businesses, parishes, schools, and other Catholic entities
• Scaling, maintenance, and security of the database
• Maintenance, hosting, security, and registration of the domain

Every year, on the anniversary of your membership, Catholic Business Listings will reach out to you via email. If renewal is desired, we will simply invoice you. Otherwise, your profile and listing will be removed from the directory at your request.

No. Catholic Business Listings is marketed ONLY to other Catholics via targeted social media posts, strategic bulletin, print, and digital advertisements, via email and in-person.